October 17, 2016

About Me

Hi there! If you have some attachment to the nature then you probably would have heard about the term meteors! They actually are the streaks of light present in the sky that are often thought of as falling star or breaking star – think of this as the light in sky that you believe will listen to your prayers. Well, Jokes apart, it is an interesting phenomenon taking place in the universe. Not only a single meteor, there exist a whole range of meteors that is located in the sky. These arrays look amazing when checked upon at right time at the right place.

crater_meteorit-1024x768Personally, my interest developed in meteors when there came the news that a certain meteor is going to hit the earth that will cause destruction on a large scale. That was the time that I first across the term and it was really shocking news for me about the damage a meter can cause. This metallic body is smaller than asteroids and really has a metallic touch in its shine. Not only they are an exquisite beauty to watch but also are present in various colors on the Earth at a lot of places which further adds to their amazingness. Anyways, after getting to know it I began to explore more information about what actually is a meteor and where they are present. Also, a complete overlook on their appearance was kind of my interest because of their attractiveness. Secondly, apart from their beauty, they can leash hell at the place where they hit on Earth which in other words, mean that they leave a dangerous impact at the place of occurrence. Talking about your own interest is always something exciting and as I am looking out for the news and facts of meteors every other day so I find it more interesting to share my views and knowledge with other people as well.

In this site, there will be plenty of information about meteor and their impacts on Earth. A complete overlook and overview of what actually is a meteor, how they are formed, their history, and so on will be added in this site. Also I would like to share the information about the number of meteors that have yet hit the Earth or even caused some kind of damage. You will also find information about the places where you can find the remains of meteors and the places where they are stored for the visitors to have a look. In other words all the information that is somehow related to meteors will be a part of this site. From its composition to the overall impacts of meteors when the hit us will be added here. This kind of information will also be helpful for sky gazing and related activities and thus you will be able to find meteors in the sky and get to know about the places where you can find them. So, you guys have to stay updated with latest happenings here.