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If you have some attachment to the nature then you probably would have heard about the term meteors! They actually are the streaks of light present in the sky that are often thought of as falling star or breaking star – think of this as the light in sky that you believe will listen to your prayers. Well, Jokes apart, it is an interesting phenomenon taking place in the universe. Not only a single meteor, there exist a whole range of meteors that is located in the sky.

Tips To Catch Meteors Showers

Catching or watching Meteors showers is a mystery and amusement for an individual. Those who don’t know about the meteors showers let me explain them first that meteors showers is an observation of outer space event with a huge number of meteors originated at a point in sky. In simple words meteors are the breaking of rocks from the stars and entering in the atmosphere of earth. As the rocks are of different materials so

Meteors Observation Basics

From ancient times, meteors provide a splendid opportunity for the norm human being to get a glimpse of the unspeakable beauty of Mother Nature. They can come several times within an hour, visible even to the naked human eye! Meteors can be seen for as small as a fraction of a second to several seconds at large. Sometimes meteor sightings become more frequent within an hour’s period, and this phenomenon is termed as a ‘meteor

Meteors Observation and Fascination

From time immemorial, the study of stars and the mystery behind shooting stars; what causes them, the types and a host of other questions has been a source of wonder and fascination in the world. This has led to lots of people being actively involved in meteor observing.  There are steps and/or processes to follow to get the most amazing experience in observing stars especially for an amateur. They are further explained in the bulleted

Interesting Facts | Meteors Observation

Mother Nature is full of wondrous surprises. From beautiful mountains, to vast deserts to deep seas, it never fails to enthrall us. One of her most splendid gifts to humanity is meteors. Here are some interesting facts about them; Basic knowledge about meteors The word meteor means ‘suspended in the air’ in Greek. Meteoroids are a bit of rock and ice separated from a comet during their orbit around the sun. A meteor is a

International Meteors Organizations

With the advancement in science and technology, humans disclosed the secrets of every mystery. One of such mystery was meteors. About five decades ago, there were different stories about the Meteors around the globe. Today this mystery is disclosed as well, but to disclose and for research there was a need of founding an organization internationally that needs to take care of only about the meteors. In 1988, IMO (International Meteors Organization) came into being

How Meteors Observation Is Carried Out

A meteor is a very small, like a grain of rice, metallic or rocky body or some particles that is broken from any asteroid orbiting the sun. They are burned up when they enter into the earth’s surface at an approximate speed of 70kms/Sec.  This burning up of a meteor gives the effect of “shooting stars”. The friction of meteoroids with the air molecules heats the meteoroids giving a grow effect. There are only certain

American Meteors Observation Society

In the present world, meteors observation is one of the simplest forms of astronomy. Before we define what a meteor is, let us see what a meteoroid is.  A meteoroid is a bit of rock and ice separated from a comet during their journey through the Earth’s atmosphere. Without further ado, let us define a meteor. A meteor is a meteoroid, which scorches during its journey through the earth’s atmosphere. In the modern world, there

Advance Meteor Observation

Meteor observing has been around for centuries yet many people have no idea what it is. It is simply going out in the early hours of the morning, reclining in a chair and waiting for the occasional shooting star. This method has been relied on for years by meteorologists. However, it is an amateur way of observing stars. There are certain characteristics that define advance meteor observing that individuals who seek or want to be