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International Meteors Organizations

With the advancement in science and technology, humans disclosed the secrets of every mystery. One of such mystery was meteors. About five decades ago, there were different stories about the Meteors around the globe. Today this mystery is disclosed as well, but to disclose and for research there was a need of founding an organization internationally that needs to take care of only about the meteors. In 1988, IMO (International Meteors Organization) came into being

American Meteors Observation Society

In the present world, meteors observation is one of the simplest forms of astronomy. Before we define what a meteor is, let us see what a meteoroid is.  A meteoroid is a bit of rock and ice separated from a comet during their journey through the Earth’s atmosphere. Without further ado, let us define a meteor. A meteor is a meteoroid, which scorches during its journey through the earth’s atmosphere. In the modern world, there