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With the advancement in science and technology, humans disclosed the secrets of every mystery. One of such mystery was meteors. About five decades ago, there were different stories about the Meteors around the globe. Today this mystery is disclosed as well, but to disclose and for research there was a need of founding an organization internationally that needs to take care of only about the meteors.

In 1988, IMO (International Meteors Organization) came into being but today there are about 250 members in the organization. The need to found IMO was to carry out Meteors work internationally to explore the basics along with the reasons behind the meteors. The main Aim of IMO is to execute the purpose for the deep study of relationship of meteors showers by using different methods for anthology of meteor examination around the globe.summer08

There are different departments and aims of IMO along with the commission but altogether the main aim is to understand about the meteors and to face and remove the danger if caused by the big meteors in future.

  • IMO Commission:

 For the meteor observation, a standard method is used since 1980s. The method is not only simple for everyone to analyze meteors but it is also comprehensive. The IMO’s detailed Handbook about the meteors observation defines all the aspects. IMO invites all the astronomers to use the standard methods for the observation of meteors in order to achieve comparable results. After observation, the astronauts send the compiled results to the global database that is being maintained by the IMO.

  • Objectives of IMO Program:

IMO’s observing program’s main objectives are:

  • Study about the main meteors showers using the method of magnitude distribution and hourly profile rate.
  • Study about the meteoroid’s physical parameter including particles’ flux density in space along with mass distribution.
  • By using the star charts, plot the meteors activity of the little showers in order to achieve the objectives of meteors’ association.
  • Observe all the unexpected activities of the meteors all the 12 months of the year.
  • Study sporadic background from the annual plotted activities

The above were the methods and procedures for the collection of data through the observation of meteors but the visual observation central archive is only open for:asteroids_by_size_and_number-svg

  • Activity profile analysis, profiles of index population, profiles of flux density and profiles of mass index.
  • The data is only accessible by the professional meteors members of IMO.

To achieve the main goal of IMO is WGN, it is the bimonthly journal of IMO. Only the members of IMO can receive this journal. The journal is of about 220 pages and encloses the news of meteors, guidelines for observing program, analysis and observation reports and general articles about meteoric phenomena. Most of the articles are written by the professional members of the IMO. No need to worry if you are interested to read the WGN journal then you can register yourself for the membership of WGN journal.

About the author:

If you have some attachment to the nature then you probably would have heard about the term meteors! They actually are the streaks of light present in the sky that are often thought of as falling star or breaking star – think of this as the light in sky that you believe will listen to your prayers. Well, Jokes apart, it is an interesting phenomenon taking place in the universe. Not only a single meteor, there exist a whole range of meteors that is located in the sky.

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