Tips To Catch Meteors Showers

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Catching or watching Meteors showers is a mystery and amusement for an individual. Those who don’t know about the meteors showers let me explain them first that meteors showers is an observation of outer space event with a huge number of meteors originated at a point in sky. In simple words meteors are the breaking of rocks from the stars and entering in the atmosphere of earth. As the rocks are of different materials so when it interacts with the earth’s atmosphere it emits light. This event is seen by many people and it is occurring since centuries. Before when the people were unaware about meteors showers, they relate many stories about it but today with the advancement in science and technology all the mysteries about the meteors showers are ended and the truth is revealed to the world.

Coming back to the topic; there are different ways and tips to capture the meteors showers and some of them are listed below:

  • Capturing a Photo of Meteor Shower:

It is challenging moment for an individual to capture a photo of a meteor shower because of the minimum amount of time. The main reason is that you are not aware about the time and place of flashing of meteor shower in the sky. It means this is going to be a tough and long job as you need to set your camera in wide angle for having a large view of sky and then you need to do the continuous clicks.

The rest is your luck about the event that it will occur that night or not. Most importantly the timing, as meteors shower occurrence is reported between the time 12 am to 4 am, that you must need to consider.

 Here are some important tips that you need to consider while capturing the meteors showers.

  • Place: The important tip is the selection of the place where you need to capture the meteors showers. As, in the polluted area you are not going to sight meteors shower. Therefore, you need to move to a place where there is no dust. If you do not know about such places then you can find these places online.
  • Equipment Setup: After finding and reaching the dust free place do not waste your time. Setup your equipment, as soon as possible it will provide you more time to click many pictures and less chance to miss a meteor shower.
  • Sharp Image: To click a sharp image you need to have a quality setup of tripod.
  • Focus: Before sunset make sure to focus your lens and do take trail images to assure that the lens is focused. During night, it will be a hard task to setup the tripod and camera lens in dark.
  • Power Supply: The most important thing is that the batteries of the camera should be charged and the power supply should be plugged to avoid inconvenience at the main moment.


About the author:

If you have some attachment to the nature then you probably would have heard about the term meteors! They actually are the streaks of light present in the sky that are often thought of as falling star or breaking star – think of this as the light in sky that you believe will listen to your prayers. Well, Jokes apart, it is an interesting phenomenon taking place in the universe. Not only a single meteor, there exist a whole range of meteors that is located in the sky.

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